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HUOM! Storyvillessä on yksityistilaisuus klo 20:30 asti

Bryn Jones´ Brew -yhtyeen levynjulkaisukeikka Storyvillessä.


Bryn Jones – laulu
Jukka Jylli – basso (Kingston Wall)
Mikko Siren – rummut (Apocolyptica)

Altti Uhlenius – kitara (Everybody)

For his third album of acoustic songs, Bryn Jones ́Brew deliver an Americana flavored, bluesy, rock n roll record, entitled ”Jump Start”.

The Brew know their stuff. Jukka Jylli (Kingston Wall, bass), Mikko Siren (Apocolyptica, drums) and Altti Uhlenius (Everybody, guitar). Superb
musicians who park their egos and play sympathetically and compliment the songs. For the release party, Petri ́the piano ́ Rahikkala will be sitting in.

The first time the group played together was a livestream broadcast to promote the music venue ́Krapin Paja ́surviving Covid. They did not rehearse, just jamming old classics from
Chuck Berry and The Band, Little Richard and Rolling Stones. It felt so good they made an album…at Krapin Paja… and it is produced and released on Krapin Paja records.

The songwriting runs the full gamut of emotions. Lyrics evoking love and loss, joy and pain. Musically, exploring the many and varied shades of blue, and here and there wandering
into country, reggae, and honky tonking through the rich swamps of vintage rock n roll.

They are bringing the party to Helsinki and looking forward to playing in the intimacy of Storyville club and celebrating the release of ”Jump Start.” !!!

On Stage 2100-2200
Beer Break 2130-2230
On Stage 2230- 2330


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